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What does Warrant mean in dream?

Warrant | Dream Meanings

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that a warrant is being served on you, denotes that you will engage in some important work which will give you great uneasiness as to its standing and profits.

To see a warrant served on some one else, there will be danger of your actions bringing you into fatal quarrels or misunderstandings. You are likely to be justly indignant with the wantonness of some friend. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. To dream that a warrant is being served on one denotes that one will be involved with some important matters which will lead to uneasiness.

2. To dream that a warrant is served on someone else signifies misunderstandings and quarrels. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- A warrant represents permission from a higher authority, either spiritual or physical. Il will depend on the type of warrant as to what action the dreamer needs to take.

For instance, a search warrant suggests looking at one’s motives, whereas a warrant for arrest indicates we need to slop carrying out a particular action.

2- When we arc unable to make decisions, dream images can often help us. fhe warrant opens up possibilities of which we may not have been aware.

3- fhe dreamer may be seeking spiritual permission for some reason, and this can be symbolised by a warrant.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a warrant signify that you are punishing yourself for something you did or didn’t do that is against your own moral code. Your dream is giving you the message to pay back your karmic debts and face any unfinished business from which you have been running.... Strangest Dream Explanations

New American Dream Dictionary

1. One has done something very wrong.

2. Loved one has done something very wrong. ... New American Dream Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

(see Police, Writing)

Warrants allow access into normally “forbidden” or “private” realms. Through what doors does this paper give you the freedom to glimpse? Take care, however, as the discoveries in such a search can be both wonderful and disconcerting... The Language of Dreams

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A guarantee in a dream is worth more than on paper... Dream Dictionary Unlimited