Quintessence | Dream Meanings

What does Quintessence mean in dream?

Quintessence | Dream Meanings


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Pith)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- ‘Quintessence’ literally means ‘five beings’, but is taken to mean ‘supremely perfect’. ‘I’o dream of this is to link with man’s need to create, and to create as perfectly as he can.

2- Perfection is one of those things that, the more man knows, the more he realises how far lie is from perfect. So to dream of the quintessence is to recognise his own and others’ potential.

3- The quintessence of creatures under the Supreme Deity is the Lion among beasts, the Ox among cattle, the Eagle among birds, the Dolphin among fish. Man among all.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary