Pyre, Stakes | Dream Meanings

What does Pyre, Stakes mean in dream?

Pyre, Stakes | Dream Meanings

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Guilt feelings have piled up.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a pyTe: work diligently to overcome past experiences so you can look forward to a happy future. Do you believe you should be “burned at the stake” for something you did? The dream is a warning about a dangerous love affair which could have disastrous consequences. Pay attention to this dream! Building a pyre yourself: you are breaking with your own convictions and have to take the consequences.

Depth Psychology: The pyre is always a symbol of purification: everything stale and old needs to be burned.

The dream might also indicate that your moral beliefs or compassion are going “up in flames” because of your behavior or your refusal to help someone in need. Remember your convictions and act accordingly. See Blaze, Fire.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A figurative source, amount, and timing, i.E.

A new financially blessed job, etc.; See “gambling”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited