Pigs | Dream Meanings

What does Pigs mean in dream?

Pigs | Dream Meanings


The Complete Dream Book

If one dreams of looking Into a pig sty and seeing several porkers wallowing, it is a sign that you will be subject to extreme jealousy on the part of someone of the opposite sex. Greed is also indicated by this dream.... The Complete Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

A very mixed dream, for good and bad luck will both be present in your affairs. Many of your cherished plans will fail, yet others, apparently less important, will succeed and restore the balance. Watch over the members of your household, as trouble may reach you from this source.... Mystic Dream Book

Indian Interpretation of Dreams

This indicates a mixture of good and bad luck. You will have great troubles but you will succeed. Many enemies are there, but there are some who will help you. ... Indian Interpretation of Dreams