Passageway | Dream Meanings

What does Passageway mean in dream?

Passageway | Dream Meanings

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: If you find yourself in a long, dark passageway: you will confront an unpleasant surprise and search for a solution. Men who find themselves in a passageway are looking for sexual experiences.

If they see an open door, they get their way.

Depth Psychology: The passageway is a symbol of die female and strong erotic needs (in men’s dreams). In women’s dreams, it indicates the direction their lives should take.

If the passageway is dark, long, and without doors, your search for direction will take a little longer. See House, Tunnel.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of discovering hidden passageways conveys something new and/or electrifying. It may be in reference to new opportunities, associations, or a outlooks. Waking up before completing the passageway exploration implies that you may not know how to leverage these opportunities or proceed in a relationship. Perhaps the lack of familiarity caused your cautious approach.

The passageways are a positive dream.... Dream Symbols and Analysis