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What does Outlaw mean in dream?

Outlaw | Dream Meanings


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Outside the politically correct law of society... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Inherent in the figure of the outlaw is someone who has gone against the laws of society. In dreams therefore, that part of ourselves which feels that it is beyond the law will appear as the outlaw.

To be shooting the outlaw is attempting to control our wilder urges.

2- Psychologically; we all have a part in us that is anarchical or wishes to rebel. Occasionally this can appear as a person of the opposite sex. in which case we are dealing with the Anima/Animus (see Introduction).

If however, the outlaw is of the same sex as the dreamer, then we are dealing with the Shadow (see Introduction).

3- To put ourselves beyond the reach of spiritual law, wide- ranging though it may be, is to play a dangerous game which may- have to be paid for in various ways in the future.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

An outlaw in a dream represents the side of your personality which is unacceptable to society. You may have previously been discouraged from pursuing a goal and now this part of you is requesting a second look. Times may have changed and you might be feeling strong enough to renew your efforts to achieve these goals.

To dream that you are threatened by an outlaw indicates that you are afraid of an improper desire’s power over you.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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