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(See Collarband; Neckband; Necklace)

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Neckwear • What Does Neckwear Mean In Dream?

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Collar; Neckband; Neckwear) In a dream, a collarband represents the pleasure and pride of a mother or a wife to see her sons or daughter having a jewelry business.

If an unmarried woman sees herself in a dream wearing a neckband, a necklace or a collarband made from pearls, peridot or chrysolite, it means that she will marry a noble and a high ranking man, beget children from him and find her ultimate pleasure and love in such a marriage.

If the collarband is made from alum, then it means marrying a young eastern man.

If the collarband is made from beads in the dream, it means that her husband is a mean and a contemptible person. Ifa man sees himselfwearing a collarband in a dream, it means suffocation, distress or a quarrel. (Also see Neckband; Necklace)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Collarband; Neckband; Necklace)... Islamic Dream Interpretation