Monument | Dream Meanings

What does Monument mean in dream?

Monument | Dream Meanings


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A permanent recognition... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Remembering someone very important in one’s life.

2. Phallic symbol. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Edifice; Imposing structure) In a dream, a monument means lies, falsehood, arrogance, or destruction.

An imposing monument in a dream also may mean spiritual guidance.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Success, reward for efforts or trouble, seeking power as in Sword, but not that aggressively.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Building a monument: your efforts will soon be rewarded. Looking at a monument of yourself you have a tendency to overestimate your talents. Arrogance, unrealistic expectations, and grandiose plans could cause people to ridicule you. Seeing someone else as a monument is a sign of envy. Seeing a monument of a person you know means profiting from the success others have achieved.

Depth Psychology: 1’he monument represents people who have been recognized for a special achievement; or it may remind you of an important event.... Dreamers Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

Any handsome Monument is a good omen. Success is coming your way, as a reward of effort.... Mystic Dream Book