Metals | Dream Meanings

What does Metals mean in dream?

Metals | Dream Meanings

The Language of Dreams

(see Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Silver) Strength and resiliency.

How is the metal used in the dream? Are you building with it, and if so, what? For example, building a wall out of metal represents a very strong obstacle to intimacy.

As with crystals and gems, each specific metal has different symbolism:

Aluminum: flexibility

• Copper: guidance and control

• Flint: durability and utility

• Iron ore: love, safety, and willpower

• Lead: foundations or delays

• Quicksilver: quick responses

• Steel: rigidity, hard-heartedness

• Tin: improved luck... The Language of Dreams

Ariadne's Book of Dream

The resources of earth’s bounty include precious metals that, when refined into various forms, lend their properties in dreams bringing special attributes and gifts for your fulfillment.

Each one of its unique characteristics may signify levels of strength at the foundation of your personality.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Mystic Dream Book


To dream of Gold indicates trouble ahead, but there will be no immediate change. You will have time to put things right.

To dream of Silver, indicates a disappointment in love that will not prove as unpleasant as you anticipate.

To dream of Copper coins is an indication of small but vexatious worries. ... Mystic Dream Book