Izrall | Dream Meanings

What does Izrall mean in dream?

Izrall | Dream Meanings

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(The angle of death; Bone-breaker; Death; Longevity) The archangel of death. Seeing him in a dream means martyrdom if one is inspired by it.

If one sees the archangel ‘Izra’il angry with him in a dream, it means that one will die unrepented.

If one sees ‘Izra’il standing above him, or battling him in a dream, it means that he will recover from a severe illness. Seeing the archangel ‘Izran in a dream also means longevity, or going through unavoidable circumstances, or experiencing extreme fear.

If one sees himself being ‘Izrail in a dream, it means rising in status to govern and to oppress others, or he might become an executioner, or perhaps that some major events may take place at his hand. Kissing ‘Izran in a dream means receiving an inheritance. Seeing ‘!zra’il in a dream also means separations, death of sick people, losses, destruction, fire, bad news, forfeiture of properties, stagnation of the economy, losing one’s source of livelihood, imprisonment, breach of promise, forgetting one’s knowledge, neglecting one’s prayers, obstruction of charities, hindrance of alms distribution, negating the rights of others, retreating to one’s privacy, rising prices, bad crop, a tyrant ruler, glass blowing, or bankruptcy. As for one who loves to meet his Lord, seeing the archangel ‘Izran in a dream means attainment of one’s goal, fulfillment of a promise, freedom from prison, good news and glad tidings. Ifan unknown or a common person approaches someone in the street and whispers something in his ear in confidence, the commoner here represents the angel of death. It is said that each human being will see the archangel ‘Izrafl three times during his lifetime, and it is the third time that ‘Izratl, upon whom be peace, will J... Islamic Dream Interpretation