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What does Invalid mean in dream?

Invalid | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of invalids, is a sign of displeasing companions interfering with your interest.

To think you are one, portends you are threatened with displeasing circumstances. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

See “cripple”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Loss of independence. Loss of room to maneuver. Somebody or yourself needs support. Inferiority complex, self-doubt, and anguish. You feel you have been injured. In spite of the obvious meaning, this image has a positive side: it is a reminder that we are also allowed to withdraw from normal activities. In this sense, the dream image often points to being one-sided in relation to work.

For instance, you do not have to do everything yourself and always be the best. It is important to accept and to admit helplessness. On the other hand, there is a belief that invalids are unable to act, which might indicate that you are asking too much of yourself.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Complete Dream Book

A dream of seeing or being an Invalid is a warning against carelessness as to your physical welfare.

If you dream of nursing an invalid, you are likely to have trouble with your teeth.... The Complete Dream Book

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: A woman, dreaming about an invalid means her partner is not as strong as she would like him to be, or he is about to give up on something.

If the latter is the case, be supportive and give a helping hand. Being the invalid: you are losing your professional or personal freedom. Sometimes your unconscious is warning you to slow down at work.

Depth Psychology: The invalid wants to warn you about the danger of losing your intellectual independence. At times the dream also indicates a negative emotional connection to other people. What or who do you think is limiting you?... Dreamers Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

This is best treated as an obstacle dream.

If you recover from your illness, then all will go well; if not, you must expect to find difficulties in the path of your success.... Mystic Dream Book

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of an invalid symbolize an unused or apparently broken aspect of your own being that is in need of repair. Your dream is giving you the message to be aware that just because something may be broken does not invalidate its purpose or relevance in life. See Sick and Crippled.... Strangest Dream Explanations