Embankment | Dream Meanings

What does Embankment mean in dream?

Embankment | Dream Meanings


Little Giant Encyclopedia

This symbol always points to a road that is certain and predetermined. Also, the dam could possibly have sexual-erotic meaning, as a first sexual experience.

The dam is also a term used for the perineum, the area between rectum and genitalia.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you drive along an embankment, foretells you will be threatened with trouble and unhappiness.

If you continue your drive without unpleasant incidents arising, you will succeed in turning these forebodings to useful account in your advancement.

To ride on horseback along one, denotes you will fearlessly meet and overcome all obstacles in your way to wealth and happiness.

To walk along one, you will have a weary struggle for elevation, but will &ally reap a successful reward. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

Difficult part of one’s journey is still to come. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

Your hopes will not be fulfilled, but someone you have known formerly will shortly return into your life.... Mystic Dream Book