Adrift | Dream Meanings

What does Adrift mean in dream?

Adrift | Dream Meanings


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

This is indicative of a problem you have been unable to solve, or unwilling to face up to, and is a straightforward obstacle dream.

If you reached land safely, you will overcome your dilemma, but if you fell out of the boat or were upset by rough weather, it is a warning of serious difficulty due to indecision.

If you were rescued in your dream, or managed to swim to safety, success will follow hardship. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you are Adrift in a boac is a warning of difficulty ahead—it is an obstacle dream.

If you reach land safely, you will overcome your troubles, but if you fall out of the boat, or if the boat should be upset by rough waves, then expect very serious difficulties. Even then you may swim to land, or be rescued, which would indicate ultimate success. ... Mystic Dream Book