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What does Accounts mean in dream?

Accounts | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of having accounts presented to you for payment, you will be in a dangerous position. You may have recourse to law to disentangle yourself.

If you pay the accounts, you will soon effect a compromise in some serious dispute.

To hold accounts against others, foretells that disagreeable contingencies will arise in your business, marring the smoothness of its management.

For a young woman book-keeper to dream of footing up accounts, denotes that she will have trouble in business, and in her love affairs; but some worthy person will persuade her to account for his happiness. She will be much respected by her present employers. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. If money is owed by the dreamer, indicates he/she is worried about how well or badly the business will be going.

2. An attempt by collectors to extract payments from the dreamer indicates one has very deep concern about business’s viability. ... New American Dream Dictionary

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

This is one of the rather rare straightforward dreams.

If you were having difficulties of any kind with your accounts, it is a warning not to lend money and to guard your credit. If, on the other hand, your accounts balanced easily, you may definitely expect a profitable proposition to come your way.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

There is nothing contradictory when dreaming of accounts (money). Adding up accounts means don’t lend money. However, if you accounts balance it means a profitable proposition will soon be coming your way.

If you are tasked to work out your employer’s accounts, it is a warning to beware your enemies.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

(See Adding Machine Ledger), Bookkeeping dreams may augur difficulty in love affairs, but they usuaHy point to eventual success. Difficulty in adding figures or in balancing accounts is an indication of quarrels, but to dream that a balance is secured at the first trial is a prediction of an early marriage.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

Dreaming of having difficulty in keeping accounts is a forerunner of harassing trials in business .... The Complete Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you are engaged in adding up Accounts, or checking business figures, is a warning to you to be careful, or you will lose money by giving credit too freely.... Mystic Dream Book