Abscond | Dream Meanings

What does Abscond mean in dream?

Abscond | Dream Meanings

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

For a man this dream is a warning of treachery among his associates.

For a woman it means that she must be careful not to give her affections unwisely.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Encyclopedia of Dreams

To the man this could indicate possible deceit from his co-workers.

To a woman it means she should be very careful where she gives her affection.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Mystic Dream Book

To dream that some person, whether stranger or acquaintance, has absconded with his employer’s money, or otherwise done some serious wrong, is a warning to you of treachery among those around you.

If you yourself are the person in question, the injury will be slight, and you will recover from your losses.... Mystic Dream Book